SSGC Tariff

SSGC Tariff is mainly divided into three categories:

  1. Domestic Sector
  2. Commercial Sector
  3. Industrial Sector

Here is latest SSGC tariff (unit rate) as per OGRA’s notification dated October 23, 2020:

1. Domestic Sector

Domestic sector is further divided into 3 sub categories:

  1. Standalone Meters
  2. Mosques, churches, temples, madrassas, other Religious Places and Hostels attached thereto

Here are the unit rates for these two categories:

Sale Price:Rs. / MMBTU
Up to 0.5 hm3 per month:121.00
Up to 1 hm3 per month:300.00
Up to 2 hm3 per month:553.00
Up to 3 hm3 per month:738.00
Up to 4 hm3 per month:1,107.00
Above 4 hm3 per month:1,460.00

The minimum charges are Rs. 172.58 per month. The billing mechanism will be revised so that the benefit of one previous/preceding slab is available to domestic consumer (residential use).

  • Government and Semi-Government Offices, Hospitals, Clinics, Maternity Homes, Government Guest Houses, Armed Forces Messes, Langars, Universities, Colleges, Schools and Private Educational Institutions, Orphanages and other Charitable Institutions along-with Hostels and Residential Colonies to whom gas is supplied through bulk meters including Captive Power.

The tariff for captive gas use in this category will be charged as per captive power category i.e. Rs. 1,087 per MMBTU.

All off-takes at flat rate of Rs 780.00 per MMBTU
Minimum Charges: Rs. 3,900.00 per month

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